teleegraam se paise kaise kamae   टेलीग्राम से पैसे कैसे कमाए How To Make Money With Telegram (10+ Ways. If you are looking for a way to earn money sitting at home, where you do not even need to work hard and you can easily earn between 10 to ₹ 15000 from there, then this important article is presented for you only. Used to be.

Today I am going to give you complete complete information about Telegram App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2023 through this article of mine as well as what things you will need to earn money from Telegram? Just read the article carefully from beginning to end and do not miss any information at all.

what is telegram

Telegram is a very old and second most popular social media app in the world. Which was created by ‘Pavel Duro’ and was launched in Google Playstore in March 2013. Today there are a total of 70.48 million users of Telegram in our country, which is called a huge number.

You can use Telegram as a social media app in the same way as you use WhatsApp and Instagram, but you can start earning as you want by creating your own channel in it, this is one of the best Everyone likes a special thing.

How To Make Money With Telegram

What is needed to earn money from Telegram

To earn money through Telegram, we will need some things and we are going to explain its information to you through the points below.

• Telegram app will be required.

• You must have an account in Telegram.

• Must have internet connection.

• Must know how to monetize Telegram channel.

• You should know the right topic to work on Telegram.

how to earn money from telegram

You can earn money on Telegram by doing affiliate marketing, you can earn money by charging subscription fees, you can earn money through PPD network and many more ways you can earn money through Telegram. Let me now give you detailed information about some other ways to earn money from Telegram and for this you must read the information given below carefully.

earn money by affiliate with telegram

In today’s time, it has become much easier to earn money through affiliate marketing and about 50 to 70% people are easily earning lakhs of rupees a month by doing only affiliate marketing. In whatever field you want to do affiliate marketing, you have to create your own channel on Telegram related to that and get members to join your channel so that your channel can grow and you can start affiliate program here. It is necessary to connect with any company running a good affiliate marketing program.

best affiliate company in india

Amazon Associates

• Flipkart Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program

• vCommission Affiliate program

earn money through donation from telegram

If you are a creator who provides the facility to your user absolutely free of cost, then you can demand donation from your user. If you have power in your service and people like you, then they will definitely donate to you. You can ask for a donation for a fixed price and you can easily earn a good monthly revenue through this medium from Telegram.

Donation Acceptance Methods

• Receive donations through any premium service.

• Can take subscription base donation.

• Can take donation to join premium channel.

• Can take donation for sharing tips and tricks on any topic.

earn money by selling ads on telegram

If you have a Telegram channel whose user base has increased a lot, then you can get a lot of advantage from it. You can promote other’s channel on your channel or by collaborating with many brands, you can promote their brand or any service on your channel and charge them well.

Before doing promotion with the company, you have to make an agreement that for how many rupees and for how long you are going to do promotion work with them. You get a chance to earn very well in this way through your telegram and you can also contact many brands yourself if you have a good user base.

How to find brand for brand promotion

• Keep posting on your Telegram.

• Try to contact popular brands yourself.

• Join the group running the digital marketing program.

• Contact Instagram Influencers.

selling your own product or service

If you make any own product or provide your own service, then you can reach your service or product to the people through your channel. You have to bring more and more users related to your service or product on your channel so that your user base can be formed and when it is formed, then you start promoting your service and product there, you will get much more benefit than this. Will get to see.

Earn money by selling your own products

• Chat can write e book through GPT.

• You can make and sell your own course.

• Can sell its courses or services through third parties.

earn money by referral from telegram

I would like to tell for your information that in today’s time there are many such platforms where you can start earning a substantial income by making referrals. If you have a large number of audience present on Telegram then you can easily earn money easily under the referral program. You can easily earn from ₹100 to above ₹200 per referral.

best referral apps



dream 11

• PhonePe

earn money from telegram with link shortener

Suppose you have a large audience on your Telegram channel and you have a specific category of audience, then you can use a link shortener website to provide any type of link content to your audience.

Before going to your main URL, the new URL that you have created through the link shortener, the visitor will first go to it and he will see the ad before viewing the content and you get paid for it. If more clicks will come on your link daily, then you will easily be able to earn 400 to ₹ 500 through link shortener.

best link shortener program



• Rebrandly

• T2M URL Shortener.

earn money by selling your own course

If you are an expert in anything then you should start earning by selling courses on Telegram based on your experience. I would like to tell for your information that as I have very good knowledge in the field of blogging, then I will create a course related to blogging on my channel and start selling this course. Now all the audience who want to learn blogging will definitely take my course and in this way I can start earning an extra income through my telegram.

which course will be best

• Affiliate Marketing Complete Course.

• Skill Development Course.

• Youtube Course.

• Blogging Course.

earn money by selling telegram channel

If you know how to increase subscribers on the channel easily in a short time, then if you create a channel on any topic easily, then its subscribers will increase. Now you can make this thing your business. You create a channel on different topics and increase more and more subscribers on it, then you start selling your same channel to whoever you want at a good price. In this way also you can easily earn money through Telegram.

earn money through automatic bots

You can use automatic bots to automate everything from posting posts to adding and removing members to Telegram channels. Friends, when you use bots on your channel, whether your channel is in automated mode or not, it keeps working continuously and the audience also keeps increasing, which you can use in other ways to earn money.

earn money by becoming telegram manager

You must have heard about the social media manager, in the same way, the work of Telegram channel management has also become very popular in today’s time. If you have information related to Telegram and have some work experience, then you can contact people who have a lot of Telegram channels and you can earn money by managing their channel by charging a fixed salary or according to your work. Can

Earn money by diverting traffic from telegram to youtube channel

Friends, if you have a YouTube channel, then you can send the audience through your Telegram channel to increase the views there. If your YouTube channel is monetized, then views will start coming on your channel through Telegram. Apart from this, to increase the subscribers and views on other’s YouTube channel, you can charge a lot for providing this service to them. Many people are earning money through their telegram channel in this way also.

Benefits of earning money from Telegram

Come on, now let me also inform all of you about some of the best benefits of earning money from Telegram and for this you must read the information given in the point below carefully.

• There is no need to invest to earn money from Telegram.

• You can start earning money from here by working in part time also.

• Complete working time management is in your hands.

• You are the boss of your work.

• There are no limitations to earn money here, here you can earn as much money as you want using more than one method.


Q. How much money can be earned from Telegram?

There are no limitations to earn money from Telegram, the more you work, the more money you will get.

Q. How to get the money earned from Telegram?

You can use any Indian payment gateway to receive the money earned through Telegram and receive the money directly into your bank account.


Through this important article of ours today, we have provided complete complete information about Telegram App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye to all of you. We hope that this information given by us must have proved useful and helpful for you.

If you like the information, then do not forget to share it with your friends on social media and for any kind of additional information, you can use the comment box given below for free.

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