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How to make App? | App kaise banaye:- App Kaise Banaye – Friends, we all know this thing that Apps Developer is needed to make a mobile app . But if I tell you that an app can be made without coding, how would you feel? So let’s know how to make your own app, before that with the help of mobile, let’s know a few lines about what is App Development. 

What is App development? 

All the apps in our mobile have been created by App Development. To learn this, there should be a lot of knowledge of many programming languages ​​such as Java, C ++, Python, Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript.

If I put it in simple language of App Development, then it is a process in which a mobile application or software is developed. In this, an app developer or a development team creates an app using computer programming and software manufacturing techniques. We call it app development. 

How to make App? | App kaise banaye

What do you need to make an app? 

  • You need to have a website to make an app. We have already told about  how to create a free website .
  • To create a free app, you must also have an email ID. 
  • The website that becomes an app, which I am going to tell you below. 

App Kaise Banaye (How to make an app for free) 

To make an app without any coding, you will need a website. Through this website whose name is AppsGeyser, you can make any app. You can create apps  like website, messenger, video call and chat, browser, wallpaper, photo editor .

[1] First go to to create an app.

[2] When you visit this website for the first time, its interface will look something like this. To create free apps, click on  Create App For Free .

[3] Now select the type of app you want to make. If I want to create for my website, then I will select business and then click on  business website .

(Note) You will need a URL to create any app, only then you will be able to create an app. You can create URL within two minutes ( How to create free URL ) 

[4] Now in the next page you will be asked to enter the URL , after that click on the Next option.

[5] Now 3 options will appear in front of you first Ads and In-App Purchases and second Ads only and third No monetization it means whether you want to monetize the app you are making or not or already monetization my site If there is monetization then I will click on ads only. You will click on the option of  no monetization .

[6] Now write the name of your app and then do next . 

[7] Now select ICON, if you want, you can also keep the icon of your website or you can leave this option and do Next. 

[8] Now once you click on the Preview option, you can see how the app you have created appears.

[9] Create app from your blog, simple and fast! Select blog type: Select on which platform your blog is built. 

[10] Customize app layout Now how do you want to keep the layout of your app, select Slider, Bottom menu, Tabs as you like and then do Next. 

[10] As soon as you click on Next , you will reach the same page. Where you clicked on Preview. Now you will click on create. 

[11] Now your app is ready, you will have to login to AppsGeyser’s site to download the created app, for this you will click on Facebook or google. 

[12] To download the app, click on the download option.

[13] Now you have to visit the below site and click on the download URL. 

[14] Now something like this will appear in front of you, click on the download option to download the app. Your app will be downloaded. 

If you want to see the app that we have made, then you can download it by clicking on the link given below. You must tell us how the app was made without coding. 

How to put my app on play store? 

It costs you $25 to put an app on the Play Store, which means it costs around Rs 2,000 to 2,500. If you have an app and you want to add it to the play store, then watch the video given below.

How to earn money from App? 

After making the app, now it comes to know how to earn money from the app we have made. You can earn money from the app in many ways, but the best way to earn money from the app is Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, so let’s know about these two in detail. 

Google Adsense 

To earn money from Google Adsense, you must have an application or website. It is obvious that by following the steps given by me, you have already created the app. Now you must be thinking how to earn money from this, then let me tell you for your information. 

To earn money from the app, first you have to create Google Adsense account . After that you will have to apply for adsense, watch the video below for more information. 

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the best source to earn money from the app, if you use it properly then you can earn lakhs of rupees every month. For this you have to sell Product Sell. 

In today’s time, many companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm give an opportunity to join Affiliate Programs. By joining these, you can earn money by putting the product link on the app. 

how to make education app

If you want to make a normal education app, then you can make it with the help of AppsGeyser website. But if you want to make professional apps, then you have to contact the app developer for that. For this, you can contact the app developer by visiting sites like upwork, freelancer,

How much does it cost to build an app?

If you make any app from AppsGeyser’s website then you will not cost a single penny but if you make normal apps from app developer then it will cost 10 to 20 thousand rupees. Same if you make high professional app, then for this you may have to pay from 1 lakh to 2 lakh. 

App Banane Wala App 

To make any app, you have to go to AppsGeyser website. An app maker is not an app, if you are looking for an app maker thinking that you will not find it, you cannot make an app through an app. 

last word

From app kaise banaye to how to publish the app on play store, we have given you complete information about it . How did you like this post of ours, you can tell us in the comment box. 

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