How to lock Facebook profile 2023 | Facebook profile lock कैसे करें 2023 -

How to lock Facebook profile 2023 | Facebook profile lock कैसे करें 2023:-How to lock Facebook profile picture:- Friends, if you want to know how to lock your Facebook profile, then these articles can help you how to lock Facebook profile? So you must read this article completely.

Friends, Facebook is such a platform where people from all over the world do Online Chatting, Video Calling, Emotion Sharing, photos, videos, share their thoughts with each other and increase friends. We also share our photos on this and share many such things which are related to our privacy. Therefore, to keep our data safe on Facebook, it is very important that we keep our Facebook profiles locked. So that your data is safe and does not get stolen.

Facebook profile lock कैसे करें 2023

If we do not lock Facebook profile then anyone can see our profile and our data very easily. You must know that Facebook is the largest online chatting platform in the whole world. Along with Facebook being the biggest platform, the risk of data theft on it is also very high. Facebook is used by crores of people and anyone can easily steal our data and misuse it.

Friends, you must have seen that many girls use the Facebook profile lock option for this reason, they are afraid that our photos may be misused. You must have also seen that many girls put some actress or some other photo in place of their photo, just because of the fear that our photos and videos may be used in the wrong place.

Nowadays people are using Facebook a lot to grow their business. Many people are easily available to us here, so the product is also being sold a lot. If some people are associated with any profession on Facebook, then they are also selling their profession like CA, Advocate etc. That’s why it becomes even more important for us to keep our Facebook profile lock active, because if your data is stolen in this situation then you can get into a lot of trouble and your business can also get spoiled, so we need to Always keep facebook To install profile lock india activated.

Friends, it is very important for us to keep our data safe so that we do not have to face any problem in the future, many times it has happened that black mailing is also done using someone’s photo. That’s why it becomes very important to keep the data locked and keep changing the password from time to time. Nowadays dual security password has come to secure which we should use.

Facebook has brought the feature of Facebook profile lock. Due to which your photos and videos become safe to a great extent, and your data is saved from misuse, let us know what are the other benefits of using it.

Benefits of activating Facebook Profile Lock: –

  • If you have activated Facebook Profile Lock in your Facebook ID, then your profile cannot be viewed by zooming or in full size.
  • This feature also has the advantage that the person who is not in your friend list cannot even take a screenshot of your profile photo.
  • If you have activated Facebook profile lock then no one can even download your photos or videos.
  • You can save data related to your business or profession from being stolen.
  • You can keep your client’s details safe.
  • You can also keep your address and mobile number safe.
  • You can also keep the details of your profile safe so that no one will be able to know the complete details of your profile.
  • You can also hide your friend list with the help of this feature.
How to Lock Facebook Profile in Mobile App?
  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile and login to your account.
  2. After that you click on 3 line Menu
  3. Then go to your profile.
  4. After coming to the profile page, you will see 3 dot line on the side of Add to Story, click on it.
  5. After being opened, you will see the option of lock profile from where you can activate the lock profile by clicking on it.

How to Lock Facebook Profile from Chrome browser:-

  1. First of all you have to open your Chrome Browser.
  2. After that you search in the search box of Chrome Browser.
  3. Now login to your Facebook profile by entering your Username and Password.
  4. When the Facebook ID is logged in, you go to your profile page.
  5. In the profile page, click on the 3 dot line on the side of Add to story.
  6. Then activate the lock profile.

Friends, now you must have learned how to lock Facebook profile. You have also got information about the benefits of Facebook profile lock . You can also learn how we can use Facebook Profile Lock in Chrome browser and in Facebook mobile app. I have tried to tell you in very simple language and I hope that you will use Facebook profile lock so that your data cannot be stolen and you will use Facebook a lot to make your business, friends and share your profession. Only do it in a safe way. 

Friends, if you have liked this article, then share it with your friends so that they too can secure their Facebook. You can also give us your suggestions by commenting, I read all your comments and we love to read your comments. You can like our article, which gives us a lot of motivation. I hope. You must have come to know about  facebook profile lock kaise kare with the help of this post.

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